Our Monkey room has magical views over the ocean and the ‘monkey valley’.

There is a luxurious copper bath and a large indoor shower.

Relax on a King size bed on the lower level. There is also a bunk bed upstairs.


Our Elephant room has panoramic views of the pool and the ocean.

There is a luxurious built-in stone bath with a magnificent view. There is also an outdoor shower.

Relax on a luscious King size bed that also offers an ocean view.


Our Dolphin room has a picture-perfect view of the pool and the ocean.

It has an indoor shower and a Queen size bed for your ultimate relaxation.


Our Turtle room looks out over vibrant green bushes and you can see the ocean from a comfortable window seat.

It has a lovely bath built for relaxation and a sheltered outdoor shower to get you closer to nature.Relax on a luxurious King size bed while enjoying your holiday.


Our Hippo room has a view of endless green bushes and the expansive ocean from the upper deck.

There's an elegant bath, as well as an indoor shower.

It is the ideal room for families with children as there are two double beds on the main level and two beds on the upper level.


Our Whale room has an oceanic view, framed by trees.

The King size bed, outdoor shower and bath with a view are perfect for a relaxing stay.


The Inhaca room offers an unrivaled ocean view, as well as a view over the tip of the Peninsula up to Inhaca Island.

It has a luxuriously large King size bed. There is also a beautiful copper bath and an indoor, as well as an outdoor shower. For that extra touch of luxury, there is also an open fireplace.