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From visa requirements to all the different ways to reach us, read the following expert travel tips when planning your trip to Colina Verde.

Many countries do not need a visa to arrive in Mozambique but please check with your closest Mozambican Embassy or Consulate before travelling for individual entry requirements. All travellers must provide a passport with 6 month validity, confirmation of accommodation booking and air arrivals must supply proof of return flight ticket.

Although the Machangulo area has a low population density and is relatively mosquito-free, it's important to note that Mozambique is considered a malaria region. While many of our guests choose not to take preventative medication, we strongly advise consulting your doctor for their recommendations before travelling.

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Surrounded by nature’s tranquillity, escape the stress of everyday life for utmost rejuvenation in the secluded Machangulo peninsula.


The picturesque coastal beauty of Machangulo offers a serene escape in Southern Mozambique.