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Marine Conservation

At Colina Verde, we are very proud to be actively involved in fish tagging and monitoring projects. We have an active in-house tagging program where we have tagged and released more than 550 fish that our guests have caught and we have had a number of recaptures. This data was recently used to publish a scientific paper on the movements of Giant Trevally between South Africa and Mozambique. We also work closely with scientists in the marine park to tag apex predators with acoustic tags and help them maintain their network of receivers to track those fish. We offer guests to get involved by funding some acoustic tags, helping us catch and tag apex predators. This provides invaluable data for keystone species that is then used to help create management plans for this incredibly important ecosystem.

Estamos Juntos Community Projects

Living amidst the vibrant community of Machangulo, our close-knit team comprises mostly local residents. With a shared sense of unity and purpose, we embrace the spirit of ‘Estamos Juntos’ (We are together) as we actively engage in community projects.

Machangulo is a remote community, and although health care is available in the district, patients often have to travel some distance in order to access the help they need. Colina Verde sponsors a monthly program for a government doctor and dentist to visit two clinics to see patients and keep track of health issues in the area.

Thanks to the generosity of our guests, we have made significant contributions to our local clinic, and we’re proud of our accomplishment of establishing a dedicated computer suite with ten computers at the local school. Colina Verde is part of a wider development program that is committed to providing community employment and has constructed several schools across the peninsula.

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