Our Story | Colina Verde Luxury Villa in Mozambique

Our door is always open

Everyday life can be overwhelming, overstimulating and overbearing. But Colina Verde is not your everyday, it’s your escape from the ordinary to the extraordinary. A seven-bedroom villa that’s not designed to be a hotel, but rather a home built just for you. It’s a place to recharge, rethink, and replenish your soul in Mozambique’s untouched nature.

Colina Verde is a place to stay grounded or free-fall into the unknown. It’s a community built with the hands and knowledge of those who greet you at the door. We invite you to your luxury home in Mozambique as our family, our friends, and our people.

Meet your Colina Verde family

Over the years, Colina Verde has grown and our family has expanded. While Graham and Lucy are still the cornerstone of the management team, Georgie and Keagan have joined us to host our guests. Their love of Mozambique, adventure and the ocean is obvious, and they look forward to sharing this special place with you.

With warm smiles and genuine Mozambican hospitality, our housekeepers and maintenance staff, many of whom were involved in building the house, are here to ensure your utmost comfort and satisfaction.

Together, their combined expertise and unwavering commitment will ensure a memorable experience, along with a deep appreciation for the wonders of Mozambique.

Making a difference

At Colina Verde, our team is immensely proud to be contributing to the community through local initiatives, and we’re actively participating in projects that work to uplift those around us.

Escape With Us

Relax in the care of the Colina Verde team, savouring delicious meals and a range of activities as you become immersed in the coastal paradise and natural beauty of the area.

Explore Colina Verde


Surrounded by nature’s tranquillity, escape the stress of everyday life for utmost rejuvenation in the secluded Machangulo peninsula.


From snorkelling to delicious picnics on the beach, discover activities to look forward to during your stay.