House Rates

Colina Verde welcomes guests year-round offering a base rate for up to 6 guests with additional guests charged per adult/child (4-13 years). This rate includes all meals, soft drinks, house wines, local beers and spirits, daily laundry, snorkelling, picnics and use of on-site facilities. Contact us for a quote based on your required dates.

Arriving in Mozambique

The nearest international airport to Colina Verde is Maputo, the capital of Mozambique. International flights arrive via many European and African countries but the most popular route is via Johannesburg in South Africa.

Transfers from Maputo


Without question the most spectacular way to arrive at Colina Verde is by helicopter. The journey is 15 minutes from Maputo international airport across the Bay of Maputo. It offers wonderful views of the area and allows landing only a few minutes from the house. The helicopter seats five people. There is a luggage restriction of 15 kilograms (33 pounds) per person. Soft bags are preferred. Additional luggage can be transferred overnight by dhow for an extra charge.

Light Aircraft

Another beautiful option for travel to Machangulo is by light aircraft. The plane seats four people. It takes off from Maputo International Airport and the flight is 25 minutes to the Machangulo runway. The flight is followed by a 25-minute drive to Colina Verde. You’ll pass over the bay and mangrove areas of the peninsula and enjoy wonderful aerial views of the inland lakes.
For the light aircraft transfer there is a luggage restriction of 15 kilograms (33pounds) per person. Soft bags preferred. Additional luggage can be transferred overnight by dhow for an extra charge.


For larger groups, a boat transfer will be more efficient. After a short taxi ride from the airport to the harbour, you will be whisked across the bay by speedboat in 75 minutes. You will pass Inhaca island as you arrive at the tip of the Machangulo peninsula.


While it is possible to reach Colina Verde from Maputo or South Africa via car, it is only recommended for seasoned 4x4 drivers. The road is mostly broken tar or sand track and conditions can vary depending on the season.

Travel Tips


Holders of most Southern African Development Community (SADC) passports do not require a visa. However, please check with your local Mozambican Embassy before travelling. Guests travelling on all other passports are required to apply for a visa in advance of arrival. Please check the requirements for your individual circumstance prior to travelling.


Many of our guests choose not to take preventative medication (due to the Machangulo area's low population density and few mosquitos), But Mozambique is considered a malarial region. Please consult your doctor for recommendations before travelling.

Yellow Fever

If you are travelling to Mozambique via a risk country (i.e. Ethiopia or Kenya) an immunization certificate is required. Please check before travelling.


The 3,500 local inhabitants of Machangulo speak Tsonga dialects and Portuguese. Our managing couple speaks English. Our chef and housekeeping staff speak a mixture of Portuguese and English.


The Mozambican Metical is not widely available outside Mozambique. US Dollars and South African Rand are widely accepted or can be exchanged. There is an ATM at the airport where Meticals can be drawn.

Estamos Juntos
Community Projects

We are privileged to live in the vibrant community of Machangulo and our team are almost all from the immediate local area. ‘Estamos Juntos’ means ‘We are together’ and is a common way to say goodbye in Mozambique so we could not think of a better way to describe our community projects. Through the generosity of our guests, we have been able to help our local clinic and football team and have recently completed the exciting installation of 10 computers in a dedicated suite at our local school.

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