Working alongside world leading marine scientists

Graham our director and his son Aiden were recently in a feature in South Africa’s Ski boat magazine (July 2023) with a Giant Trevally that they tagged for the Oceanic Research Institute tagging project. We are very proud to be part of the Oceanic Research Institute tagging project where small tags are introduced to specific fish species before they are released. Data from recaptures is used to follow the movement and migration patterns of these species and inform scientists on how best to conserve and manage the costal marine reserve between Mozambique and South Africa.

It’s also exciting to work alongside world leading marine scientists in the Apex Predator Project where guests have the opportunity to sponsor acoustic devices which, once administered to the fish and activated send detailed movement patterns for keystone species. Guests can join the tagging team in catching the fish species, installing the tags and re-releasing the fish, in the process learning about safe and considerate handling of the fish and their importance in our eco system. Each year the data this project ins generating leads to new discoveries about our coastline and it’s marine wildlife.Get in touch if you would like to be involved.

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